Eitan Kensky

Paul Mazursky Showed the Surface, and Went Deeper

Director Paul Mazursky, who died last month, understood that looks and image set the mood of a movie. But his pictures also showed the disturbing parts that live under the surface.

'Nathan For You' Is the Most Uncomfortable Show on Television

‘Nathan For You’ — a business advice reality show starring comedian Nathan Fielder — is built on an undercurrent of desperation. It’s also the best half-hour of television this summer.

Why Jon Favreau's 'Chef' Is Evil

Jon Favreau’s ‘Chef’ is funny, entertaining, and you will leave the theater hungry and happy, jealous of the saffron-scented meals and backyard orchards of southern California. It is also vaguely evil.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and the Future of Television

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ starring Andy Samberg as the goofy Jewish detective Jake Peralta, was last year’s best new sitcom. Watching it now is a moral imperative.

Dangerous Translation: In ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ Cpl. Timothy Upton’s knowledge of another language cursed him with empathy, blinding him to the evil staring back.

Does Translating Yiddish Preserve History Or Betray It?

Yiddish translators try to preserve history. Anita Norich explains they can also be accused of collaborating with its enemies — like the interpreter in ‘Saving Private Ryan.’

'Mad Men' in Land of the Dead

Watching ‘Mad Men’ this past season was like watching shades dance. The undead and the dying slouch at every corner.

David Letterman Exposed Our Mass Psychosis

David Letterman is insane for hosting a five-night-a-week television program week after week, year after year. That other people also want to do it doesn’t make it any less crazy.

Why Jonathan Richman Is the True Bard of Massachusetts

In December 2013 it was proposed that ‘Roadrunner,’ by The Modern Lovers, should be the official rock song of Massachusetts. The question has torn music fans apart.

Chubby Chickpea: Boston's First Kosher Food Truck

The Chubby Chickpea, Boston’s first kosher food truck, calls its cuisine ‘Sephardic Street Fare,’ but the term is more poetic than precise. This is classic Israeli road food.

DIY Rosh Hashanah Hard Apple Cider

Homebrewing requires some planning, but the results are worth it. This year, try making your own hard cider for the high holidays.