Gon Ben-Ari

How Gaza War Puts Hebrew Language on Front Lines

The Gaza war has turned Hebrew into a battleground as ordinary Israelis adopt military euphemisms to describe everything from captured soldiers to the war itself, Gon Ben-Ari writes.

Sex, War, Social Media and the Israeli Imagination

The Facebook campaign to support Israeli soldiers by uploading racy photos spread like wildfire. Gon Ben-Ari isn’t surprised given the link between sex and war in our imagination.

Waiting For the End of the World: Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi may have foretold the apocalypse.

Is the World Gonna End in 2014?

Some thought the world would end in 2012. Now, the words of one of Chabad’s founders have some wondering whether the end of times might be coming all over again.

Rap Cantor? In the largely NSFW song ?Work,? A$AP Ferg asserted, ?I be out tomorrow, my lawyer?s Jewish.?

When Jews and Blacks Got Along Better Than Ever — in Hip-Hop World

Some say the cordial relationship between blacks and Jews is gone for good. But artists such as Kanye West proved that Jews and African Americans get along just fine in hip-hop.

Like a Channel-Surfing Stone: Bob Dylan?s 1965 song ?Like a Rolling Stone? debuted this year as a music video directed by the Israeli Vania Heymann.

Why Bob Dylan's Interactive Video Is a Sign Of Things To Come

A half century after it debuted, Bob Dylan’s ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ finally got a music video. Gon Ben Ari explains why we should get used to this form of visual storytelling.