Hannah Rubin

Mystic Topaz, Invisible Invaluables

When An Artist Becomes A Mother

Israeli artist Shira Richter talks about the difficulty of being an artist and a mother — and the danger of a culture that ignores the voices of its mothers.

By Myself

A Manifesto for the Unsung Female Artist

How are Jewish female artists supposed to navigate a world where only 30% of those represented by galleries are women? New York painter Melissa Meyer is here to tell you.

Luckiest Boy in the World: Rabbi Tsipi Gabai leads a naming ceremony for Tom Sosnik in the Beit Midrash at Tehiyah Day School.

Can Jewish Transgender Teen's Successful Coming Out Provide Model for Others?

Tom Sosnik, the transgender teen whose coming-out speech went viral, worked with his Jewish day school to create a tolerant environment. Could this be a model for other schools?

The Eastern European Fetish

Sasha Rudensky takes haunting photographs that confront the fetishistic fascination that Eastern European women hold for some of us.

Tallying Inequality in the Art World

When artist Micol Hebron began counting the numbers of male and female artists on the rosters of galleries she found a staggering imbalance. So she set out to change it.

Time for Anger: Jewish protesters march against racism and police brutality in San Francisco on first night of Hanukkah.

Jews Protest Racism and Police Brutality on First Night of Hanukkah

On the first night of Hanukkah, Jews took to the streets in 15 cities across the country to call for racial justice and protest police brutality.

The 4 Best Bagels in Oakland

Bagels (yes, bagels) are hitting Oakland, California by storm. We checked out the best of the new bagel shop crop.

Build Your Own Beer Bottle Menorah

A beer bottle menorah is exactly what it sounds like: eight brewskis lined in a row, with Hanukkah candles sticking out of them.

Edon Pinchot Steals Show — Again

Edon Pinchot did it again. Performing to a standing ovation, the ‘Jewish Justin Bieber’ stole the show in the semifinal round of ‘America’s Got Talent.’