Jerome Chanes

I Do Declare: Arthur Balfour, author of the Balfour Declaration, being presented to Tel Aviv by the city’s mayor in 1925.

The Dark Forces Behind the Balfour Declaration — And Its Lasting Legacy

Why does the Balfour Declaration, written in 1917 during the darkest days of World War I, still tug at our elbow, insisting we pay attention to it even today?

Controversial to the Last: Jabotinsky died in 1940 in upstate New York, but David Ben-Gurion refused for him to be buried in Israel.

Cliffs' Notes on Jabotinsky

Vladimir Jabotinsky was an essayist, a leader, a writer, a Zionist. Above all, he was a polymath. Jerome Chanes tries to simplify his complicated legacy and history.

The Buck Didn’t Stop There: The core of John Judis’s book details how President Truman supposedly folded to the burgeoning pro-Israel lobby.

The Problem With John Judis's Book About Harry Truman and the Jews

Much has been made about John Judis’s history of the Middle East conflict. Jerome Chanes writes that less attention has been paid to the author’s misrepresentations.

Almost Partner: Gamel Abdel Nasser in 1957.

The Lessons of the 'Lavon Affair'

Sixty years ago, a burgeoning peace between Israel and the Arab world was torpedoed by the ‘Lavon Affair,’ writes Jerome Chanes. There are echoes of this sabotage today.

5 Myths About Jonathan Pollard Case

Jonathan Pollard is in the news again. Whether the convicted spy is released or not, Jerome Chanes clears up commonly held myths about his case.

New Man: Eric Goldstein, right, receives award from American Friends of Hebrew University. The lawyer has been picked to lead the New York UJA-Federation.

What Eric Goldstein's Appointment Says About Changing Jewish Community

Eric Goldstein?s appointment as head of the UJA-Federation of New York means that the community is shifting in fundamental ways, writes Jerome Chanes, and the old order is finally being overturned.

Last of the Liberals: Al Chernin died on November 26 at the age of 85.

Remembering Al Chernin, a Giant Among Giants in Jewish Public Affairs

Al Chernin, who died at age 85, was one of the last of the giants of Jewish public affairs. His death truly marks the end of an era, writes Jerome Chanes.

Asher Lopatin
Big Loss: Ofri Cnaani?s ?Sota Project? was funded by the Six Points Fellowship, a program started by the Foundation for Jewish Culture.

Losing a Precious Outlet for Jewish Culture

The closing of the Foundation for Jewish Culture may provoke more yawns than screams of protest. That’s a shame, because it has played such a valuable role, Jerome Chanes writes.

The Longest Hatred: A tone of ?gevaltism? persists throughout ?Resurgent Antisemitism,? edited by eminent scholar Alvin Rosenfeld.

Could Resurgence of Anti-Semitism Lead To a Second Holocaust?

Is another Holocaust possible — or are Jews mostly secure in the world? Alvin Rosenfeld’s essay collection provokes questions about Jews in contemporary society.