Jessica Fisher

Best Kosher Hot Dog? Chicago's Romanian!

Last week we rounded up the best kosher hot dogs in America. But, not everyone was happy with the list. One reader speaks up for Chicago’s Romanian.

Best Synagogue Kiddush Ever: Shabbat Ice Cream Accounts

When an ice cream truck parks near a shul on shabbat, what’s a rabbi to do? Set up ice cream IOU accounts, of course!

How To Host an Elegant Vegetarian Seder

Contrary to Maimonides’ position, vegetarians will tell you it is possible to enjoy a feast without serving meat, even on Passover.

Yid.Dish: Summer Quinoa Salad

For my first recipe post on The Jew and the Carrot, I thought I’d start off with something versatile. I sampled a version of this quinoa recipe while browsing at my local Whole Foods and then came home and made my own version.