Joshua Furst

Making a Point: A scene from ‘I’m Looking for Helen Twelvetrees,’ by David Greenspan.

Why David Greenspan Is Easy To Admire But Hard To Like

Flamboyant. Reptilian. Cerebral. These are some of the words that describe actor/playwright David Greenspan. But likable? Not always. Contributing editor Joshua Furst explains.

Louder Than a Speeding Bullet: Nicolette Robinson and Matt Doyle in the new musical ‘Brooklynite.’

Not Your Bubbe's Brooklyn

‘Brooklynite,’ a new superhero musical based on characters created by Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, has arrived. But is it a nuanced look at gentrification or a symptom of it?

What’s Black and White and Jewish All Over?

Just imagine if your Jewish childhood friend became black. Can Jess Row’s debut novel ‘Your Face in Mine’ deliver a great read as it explores complex issues of race and gender?

A Long Way From Home: The author attended St. Mary’s Springs, the Catholic high school in Fond du Lac.

Why Wisconsin Was a Terrible State To Grow Up Jewish

Growing up in close-minded rural Wisconsin, Joshua Furst learned to mark himself as an outsider. He’s glad the cheeseheads are in his rear-view mirror.

Molly Antopol

Few Bright Spots for Jewish Books in 2014

The Jewish community needs books that don’t confirm what we already believe. Joshua Furst has some suggestions to liven things up after a bad 2014.

After and Before: Dani Gal’s installation features a film about Simon Wiesenthal and Albert Speer — and a model of the gates of the Mauthausen concentration camp, where Wiesenthal was imprisoned.

Nazi Hunter Meets Nazi Architect

A new installation by Israeli artist Dani Gal deals with the surprising friendship between Simon Wiesenthal and Albert Speer —  two men whose lives seem to be at odds.

Fist Bump: Adam Chanler-Berat and Kyle Beltran star at the Public Theater.

Free To Be You and Me and Jonathan Lethem

Who knew that a musical about the friendship between a Jewish kid and the son of a soul singer in Brooklyn could deal with race, class and culture in a meaningful way?

Quick Lerner: ‘10:04’ is Ben Lerner’s follow-up to his acclaimed debut, ‘Leaving the Atocha Station.’

In ‘10:04,’ Ben Lerner Sings a Song of Himself

Poet Ben Lerner’s first novel won him acclaim. ‘10:04,’ his second novel, deals with the same themes and the barrier between fiction and reality.

Getting Lost: The author and his son take a break from their travels in Barcelona’s Jewish quarter.

Slouching Through Catalonia, One Jewish Site at a Time

There’s the traditional way to tour Jewish Catalonia —  with guidebooks, tours and maps. And then there’s the other way. Joshua Furst gets lost in Barcelona, memory and politics.

The Saddest of Clowns: Behind Robin Williams’s mania lurked unremitting sadness.

The Unbearable Sadness of Being Robin Williams

Robin Williams’s serious performances often packaged as hopeful and affirming the human spirit. But critic Joshua Furst saw something much darker in the late artist’s work.