Judy Bolton-Fasman

A Poet's Lens Into a Violent Marriage

Jehanne Dubrow’s new volume of poetry tells the story of her Honduran mother’s coerced marriage, subsequent divorce and the violence and trauma faced by women.

Quitting My Meds, Slowly

Judy Bolton-Fasman once considered herself the ‘poster girl’ for psychotropic medications but now wonders if her pills have become a crutch.


A Havana Love Story for Purim

Amid the sparkle of the Purim Ball in Havana, Cuba, Judy Bolton-Fasman’s mother thought she met her soulmate — and danced through the night with handsome Manuel.

A Monster Love Story

Judy Bolton-Fasman met her first boyfriend by way of the Hebrew Home when she was 16. Twenty years later, she gets the chance to say goodbye properly.

When A Nice Jewish Boy Marries Out

In Keren McGinity’s new book, she explores the experiences of intermarried Jewish men, both as husbands and, more importantly, as fathers.

How Katha Pollitt Helped Me Break Abortion Silence

Katha Pollitt calls for accepting abortion as a normal part of a woman’s life. Judy Bolton-Fasman says that paradigm shift helped her break a 20-year secret.

When Yom Kippur Prayers Don't Help Grieving

If you are mourning, some Yom Kippur prayers can be unhelpful, and even hurtful. That’s according to feminist liturgist Marcia Falk and her new book.

A Farewell to Parenting Columns

After eight years, Judy Bolton-Fasman has aged out of her weekly parenting column at a Boston newspaper — and so have her children.

Joanna Rakoff's 'Salinger Year'

Joanna Rakoff writes about her post college stint assisting JD Salinger’s literary agent in her coming-of-age memoir, ‘My Salinger Year.’

Tova Mirvis's 'Visible City'

Like the new high rises that dominate the skyline of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Tova Mirvis’s ‘Visible City,’ is both a paean and a lament for a world contained within one neighborhood.