Judy Brown (Eishes Chayil)

Are You There, Hashem? It's Me, Judy.

When Judy Brown started to develop breasts, she thought she had chicken pox. Then she realized that she was becoming a woman and she vowed to never, ever wear a bra.

I'm a Mother, Not a Baby Machine

Motherhood is a beautiful thing. But not every woman (or man) is cut out to be a parent to eight or 10 children. Forcing them to do so is to breed dysfunction, unhappiness and abuse.

Cracks in a Holy Vessel

When Judy Brown started having children, she learned that motherhood sometimes completes you. But trying to have a baby can also tear you apart.

An Old Dog's New Tricks

Judy Brown grew up knowing some things for sure: one was that dogs were despicable creatures, with teeth like knives and claws to match. Then, a pooch named Sammy changed her mind.


A jury declared Nechemya Weberman, a respected member of the ultra-Orthodox community, to be a criminal. Abuse survivors, many of whom live in silence, breathed a sigh of relief.

Girls Are the Lucky Ones

Judy Brown always knew she was lucky to be a girl. In the ultra-Orthodox world where she grew up, boys carry high expectations, but life for girls is simpler.

Eilenberg's Beard

INSIDE OUT: Eilenberg trimmed his beard on Tuesday. He was so ashamed to have violated the Torah’s prohibition on shaving that he did not leave home again until Friday.

Gentiles at the Gates

Life in Brooklyn’s Boro Park was once simple. There was the inside and the outside and an impenetrable wall in between. Then came the Internet, and everything changed.

Sexuality on Sesame Street

When Judy Brown first watched “Sesame Street,” she was appalled to see tush-shaking on the show. But it made her realize she wanted to raise her daughter to be proud of her body.

The Loss

INSIDE OUT: For most, leaving the Orthodox world is a form of survival. You leave because you can’t stay. And suddenly there is an enormous void. You are utterly alone.