Karen Loew

Urban Oasis: A block of downtown Manhattan has been dubbed a ?naturally occurring cultural district.?

Why Urban Preservation Is the Trend To Watch in 2014

Look for ‘neighborhood preservation,’ which focuses on people and culture along with buildings, to become an even bigger trend in American cities — with Jewish activists taking the lead.

The Talented Monsieur Delon: Alain Delon played the titular role in Joseph Losey?s 1976 film, ?Monsieur Klein.?

What Cornelius Gurlitt Could Have Learned From Monsieur Robert Klein

Recent news of an eccentric man with 1,280 pieces of Nazi-looted art in his Munich apartment brings to mind ‘Monsieur Klein,’ a classic of cinema from 1976.

Ben Bochner on Following the Soul

Ben Bochner, 56
Austin, Texas

Juggling Jobs: Esther Merves, who works two part-time jobs, is just one of many Jews in their 50s and above who lost their full-time positions during the recession.

Getting by With Job Loss

For older Jewish workers, job loss can be particularly painful. We spoke with six people about their careers and the road ahead.

Donald Sylvan on the Hiring Side of the Desk

Donald Sylvan, 64 Toronto

Jane Trigere

Jane Trigere on Switching Gears

Jane Trigere, 64
South Deerfield, Mass.

Burt Gitlin

Burt Gitlin on Calling on Community

Burt Gitlin, 58
North Bergen, N.J.

Gail Pierris

Gail Pierris on Unending Determination

Gail Pierris, 62
New York City

Esther Merves

Esther Merves on Regrouping and Coping

Esther Merves, 54
Springfield, Va.