Leah Vincent

'Kimmy Schmidt' Is My Ex-Orthodox Life

Kimmy Schmidt is the star of an eponymous Netflix series who adjusts to life after escaping a doomsday cult. For Leah Vincent, the show mirrors her own journey out of ultra-Orthodoxy.

Not Her Father’s Talmud: Leah Vincent is collaborating with two artists to create illustrated Talmud stories for children.

An Atheist’s Case for Talmud

As a rabbi’s daughter, Leah Vincent was never allowed to learn Talmud. Years after abandoning ultra-Orthodoxy, she sets out to rediscover the ancient Jewish law books.

Why I Use 'Yeshivish'

‘Yeshivish’ Jews are not linked to any Hasidic group. Leah Vincent says she uses the term because any group needs a label to be properly understood, critiqued and celebrated.

Talking to the Rabbis About Sex

Leah Vincent, a former ultra-Orthodox Jew, spent this Sunday talking to ultra-Orthodox rabbis about sexuality and modesty — with surprising results.

A Visit To Germany Reawakens Fears of an Ultra-Orthodox Childhood

Leah Vincent thought she had left her childhood fears of the Holocaust behind for good. A trip to Germany showed her how wrong she was.

For One Orthodox Teen, Writing Letters to a Boy Changed Everything

Leah Vincent was kicked out of her aunt’s Orthodox home for writing letters to a boy. She didn’t know it then, but she wasn’t the first in her family to question strict tradition.

Calamari: Not your traditional Seder table fare.
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Leah Vincent