Liam Hoare

Is 'Strangeness' of Ed Miliband an Anti-Semitic Code Word?

In his campaign for prime minister of Britain, Ed Miliband’s Jewishness has only come up by way of code words. Liam Hoare writes that doesn’t make it any less offensive.

England’s Green Party Has an Anti-Semitism Problem

Is England’s left wing Green Party institutionally Jew-hating? Ahead of the upcoming elections, Liam Hoare says its leaders fail to see how anti-Zionism can bleed into anti-Semitism.

The Forgotten Face of History: Gunter Grass, author of ‘The Tin Drum,’ has died at the age of 87.

Let's Get Honest About Gunter Grass

Gunter Grass, who has died at 87, is praised for shining light of truth on the Nazi era. But given his trail of lies, Liam Hoare warns against turning the Nobel Laureate into a saint.

How Ed Miliband Lost Britain's Jewish Voters

Ed Miliband wants to be Britain’s first Jewish prime minister, but a new poll shows his fellow tribe members prefer his non-Jewish rival. Is it all because of Israel politics?

J Street leader Jeremy Ben-Ami speaks in the group’s Washington headquarters.

The Rocky Rise of J Street

J Street has shifted the debate about what it means to be pro-Israel. Now a new documentary chronicles the dovish group’s uneven rise to prominence.

How Graphic Novels Grew in Israel

When Israelis Rutu Modan and Yirmi Pinkus started publishing graphic novels, their decision to work in English was seen as snobbish and unpatriotic — even anti-Zionist.

Do We Focus Too Much on Auschwitz?

Is the emphasis placed on Auschwitz skewed the way we understand the Holocaust? One British author explains why the death camp can be misleading metaphor for the Shoah.

Defying Gravity: ‘Happy Ending’ at London’s Arcola Theatre.

Cancer-Stricken Israeli Playwright Finds Comedy in Disease

Israeli playwright Anat Gov’s ‘Happy Ending depicts cancer in the unlikeliest way: comedy. After its debut, she died of the disease herself — but she wouldn’t want us to stop laughing.

Why Britain Needs a New Holocaust Memorial

In London there are two Holocaust memorials. But according to the findings of Britain’s Holocaust Commission, neither do justice to the need for national Holocaust remembrance and education.

Was Eichmann Trial 'Most Important TV Event'?

More than any other event, the trial of Adolf Eichmann brought the Holocaust to the attention of the world. And, argues a new BBC drama, that was all thanks to the power of television.