Malcolm Forbes

Germany's Inferiority Complex and the Holocaust

The Holocaust was the result of much more than anti-Semitism. Historian Gotz Aly argues that it had its roots in German insecurity and envy.

Following Orders: In 1941, Rodolf Höss was approached by Heinrich Himmler who asked him to build and run a new concentration camp called Auschwitz.

How a German Jew Caught the Kommandant of Auschwitz

The story of how a German Jew hunted down the kommandant of Auschwitz makes for thrilling and disturbing reading. Malcolm Forbes reviews Thomas Harding’s ‘Hanns and Rudolf.’

Chronicler of a Death Foretold: Author Vasily Grossman opened the world?s eyes to atrocities in Treblinka.

Vasily Grossman's Armenian Sketchbook Finally Debuts in English

Vasily Grossman traveled from Moscow to Armenia in 1961 to edit a long war novel. ‘An Armenian Sketchbook’ is arguably the novelist’s most personal work.