Michael Kaplan

Jews Spent Centuries in Antakya, Turkey. Now, There's Only 17 Left.

In a Turkish city once known for tolerance, a Jewish community grapples with the influx of Syrian refugees and its own decline. Is it nearing the end of a 2,300-year existence?

Open Hillel Plans First National Conference

Open Hillel, which has sparked considerable controversy for refusing to abide by Hillel International’s pro-Israel guidelines, has announced today that it will be holding its first national conference this October.

Some Question Methodology in ADL Study of Global Anti-Semitism

At first glance, it might be one of the most jarring studies of the year. A report published yesterday by the Anti-Defamation League has found that a good portion of the world’s population — about 1 billion people — harbor anti-Semitic attitudes.

Brutal Attack: Ursula Nelson, 89, recovers in hospital bed after being beaten by a home care attendant.

Beaten Holocaust Survivor Ursula Nelson Sues Home Care Agency for $1M

Holocaust survivor Ursula Nelson was planning to live out the rest of her life at her quiet apartment in Queens, N.Y. That changed one morning in 2011.

Lee Marshall, Voice Behind Tony The Tiger, Dies at 64

He was GR-R-R-REAT at that low-timbered voice for the iconic Tony the Tiger. But now Kellogg’s is looking for someone to fill his shoes. Lee Marshall the voice behind the mascot, died at 64.

When Israelis Teach Their Kids To Hate

When photos of weapon-wielding kids flooded out of the West Bank, most Jewish media outlets ignored them for one reason: they showed Israeli, not Palestinian, glorification of violence.

'Privileged' Princeton Student’s Tale of Jewish Woe

Tal Fortgang says he doesn’t need to apologize for his white male privilege. What he doesn’t get is that his Jewish family’s success has everything to do with race.

Keeping Tabs: South African President Jacob Zuma, who is running for reelection, speaks at unveiling of giant statue of Nelson Mandela.

South African Jews Will Monitor Election

South Africa’s most prominent Jewish organization is gearing up to help with the country’s upcoming national elections.

The painful search for Esther.

How Murder of Esther Lebowitz Changed Jewish Baltimore Forever

It’s been 45 years since 11-year-old Esther Lebowitz was murdered, but Baltimore Jews still remember. Now, they’re mobilizing to prevent the killer from winning a retrial.