Nan Goldberg

Shrink Rap: Doctorow?s latest is an impressionistic transcript of sessions between a patient and his therapist.

Is There an E.L. Doctorow in the House?

Throughout his career, E.l. Doctorow has written some of the best fiction critic Nan Goldberg has read. But his latest novel, ‘Andrew’s Brain,’ seems outdated and irrelevant.

Challenging Assumptions: Greenberg has structured his book around the preparation of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or the DSM.

Gary Greenberg Psychoanalyzes Psychoanalysis

Gary Greenberg evaluates the process of creating the bible of the American Psychiatric Association in his new book. He finds the profession seriously unhinged.

Michael ?The Machine? Lavigne: The Sami Rohr-nominated novelist of ?Not Me? returns with his follow-up ?The Wanting.?

How Michael Lavigne Learned To Stop Worrying And Love the Suicide Bomb

‘The Wanting’ is only Michael Lavigne’s second novel, but you can pick out his signature style. Horror and humor are coiled around each other like the strands of DNA’s double helix.