Nathan Jeffay

No Clear Vision: A mutation in the SLC38A8 gene causes vision problems in Mumbai Jews.

The Genes That Affect Indian-Jewish Vision

A mysterious genetic mutation causes sight problems that affect 1 in 10 Indian Jews in Israel. Geneticists at the Soroka Medical Center now want to understand what it does.

Kiss of Life: A Lebanese woman and her Orthodox boyfriend went viral on social media when they posted a photo of themselves kissing. But most mixed couples in Israel are intentionally keeping a much lower profile during wartime.

Israel's Mixed Couples Try To Maintain Family 'Bubble' During Wartime

Mixed marriages between Jews and Arabs are rare in Israel. And during wartime, few want to talk openly about their relationships — much less their views about the Gaza conflict.

One Movement, Two Sides: The Islamic Movement in Israel split into two branches in the 1990s. The Southern Branch is seen as relatively moderate, while the Norther pursues a hard-line agenda, calling for the abduction of soldiers during a protest at Umm-al-Fahn.

Israel Plans to Target Radical Islam Offshoot Once Gaza Is Done

Two decades ago, Israel’s Islamic Movement divided into two groups, one moderate and another radical. Once it finishes with Gaza, Israel plans a major crackdown on the radicals.

Israelis Back Gaza Ground War — Despite Risks

Despite fears of significant injuries and deaths among their soldiers, the Israeli public is strongly supportive of Israel’s ground operation in Gaza, and leaders across most of the political pectrum lined up behind the push.

I Remember Shock of First 'Price Tag' Attack

The indictment of suspects in the revenge murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir reminds Nathan Jeffay of covering the first so-called ‘price tag’ attack — the 2009 torching of a mosque.

Who Won in Bibi-Liberman Divorce?

Why did Avigdor Liberman end the alliance between his Yisrael Beytenu party and Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud? And in this political divorce, who won?

Anguished Nation: Israelis mourn and light candles in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv after the announcement that the bodies of the three missing Israeli teenagers were found.

As Israel Mourns Slain Teens, Everyone Wants Someone To Blame

With the bodies of Israel’s missing boys found, everyone wants someone to blame. But while Netanyahu blamed Hamas, others found fault elsewhere.

44% of Jewish Israelis Say They Don't Need U.S. Cash

Almost one in two Jewish Israelis believe their country could withstand a substantial decrease in U.S. support. What’s behind these surprising numbers?

Why Bother Playing Gaza Rocket Blame Game?

What does Israel gain from blaming the Palestinian Authority for rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip? Nathan Jeffay explains.