Nicholas Meyer

Defiant: The father of Houdini, né Ehrich Weiss, pictured here in 1900, was a failed rabbi who worked in a necktie sweatshop on the Lower East Side.

Houdini, My Father and Me

Why did the great escape artist Harry Houdini, who was born Ehrich Weiss, end up doing what he did? A new History Channel miniseries argues that it was his father who pushed him.

Stretching the Truth: Lawrence of Arabia was really 5-foot-1 and did not look much like Peter O?Toole (above).

Who Cares if Movies Are Historically Accurate?

When film reviewers nitpick at historical inaccuracies they miss the point. Movies should give us a break from reality without the fact checkers piling on, Nicholas Meyer writes.

Through a Car Window, Darkly: Sigmund Freud arrives in London in 1938.

Sigmund Freud’s Sister Complex

When Sigmund Freud fled the Nazis, he left behind his four sisters, all of whom died in death camps. A new novel imagines the fate of one of them.