Ross Perlin

Saying Mazel Tov in Mandarin

Ed Schoenfeld is something of an anomaly. He is a Jewish guy from Brooklyn who has reached the summit of the Chinese food world, pastrami egg rolls and all.

Land of the Rising Zun

It could be the world’s most implausible opus: the first Yiddish-Japanese dictionary. Its publication crowned decades of work and includes 28,000 entries.

Zellig’s Disappearing Act

Zellig Harris was Noam Chomsky’s mentor and teacher, but has mostly been forgotten. Should Harris be considered a seminal Jewish socialist intellectual?

Blowing the Whistle on Illegal Internships

Every year, hundreds of thousands of interns in the U.S. work without pay or for less than minimum wage. Many of these unpaid or underpaid internships are at for-profit companies and closely resemble regular work: thousands upon thousands of labor violations each year, hidden in plain sight. In certain for-profit industries — fashion, publishing, entertainment, journalism, to name a few — demanding unpaid internships dominate, with illegal situations possibly constituting a majority of all available opportunities.