Roz Warren

Breaking the Food Chain

When a confirmed non-cook finds herself part of a recipe-exchange email chain, she weighs temperament against friendship and comes up with matzo brie.

So a Jewish Woman Got on an El Al Flight ...

Mad about the Hasidic seat-switching drama on El Al? Feminist Airlines! Where everyone is treated with consideration (and Steinem always flies free).

All the Jewish Superheroes

‘Jewish Comix Anthology: Volume 1’ is a dazzling hardcover collection of comic book Judaica. And it all started with one Jewish kid’s love of Superman.

A Page-Turner That Tackles Hot-Button Issues

Judith Frank’s ‘All I Love and Know’ addresses issues like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, gay parenting and marriage equality. It will also satisfy anyone longing for a first-rate novel.

How Nina Paley Made 'This Land Is Mine' Viral

Whenever the Israeli-Palestinian conflict heats up, “This Land Is Mine,“ Nina Paley’s devastating three minute animated history of the conflict, goes viral. Here’s why.

Heart as Tender as Brisket

The best comic novel Roz Warren read this year was the self-published ‘Tender Is the Brisket.’ She says the book more than lives up to the promise of the title.

A Six-Year-Old Orthodox Boy and His Barbie Dolls

Roz Warren is a secular Jew. Babysitting for an Orthodox family has meant learning what it means to live a Torah-centered life — and that Barbie dolls can dress modestly.

The Humble Knish Gets Its Own Book

‘Proust had his Madeleine, Jewish New Yorkers had their knishes,’ Laura Silver writes in her new book ‘Knish: In Search of the Jewish Soul Food.’