Ruth Ellen Gruber

Members of a choir at the Krakow JCC sing Jewish songs, part of an explosion in interest in all things Jewish by non-Jewish Poles.

Poland Museum Only Tip of Cultural Revival Iceberg

Interest in Jewish culture is mushrooming in Poland, especially among non-Jews. In many ways, the much-heralded POLIN museum is just high-profile tip of a very big iceberg.

Well Off the Tourist Track: Synagogues like the one shown above in Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav are part of what amounts to a multi-venue Jewish museum that stretches across the nation.

Uniting Jewish Heritage Sites Across Czech Republic

No Jews have lived in Nova Cerekev since the Holocaust. But driving into the nondescript little town 80 miles from Prague, you still can’t miss the synagogue.

Don’t Forget: A woman participates in the March of the Living at Auschwitz. Grassroots Polish communities are coming up with new and innovative ways of remembering the Shoah.

Poland Remembers Shoah in New Ways

Two very different events, hundreds of miles apart, demonstrated the wide range of ways in which the memory of Jews and the Holocaust are commemorated in Poland.

Rebirth: Media crowd in in front of the chuppah at the wedding in Wroclaw, Poland, of Katka Reszke and Slawomir Grunberg outside the city’s White Stork synagogue.

Jewish Wedding Symbolizes Revival in Poland City of Wroclaw

When Katka Reszke and Slawomir Grunberg tied the knot at the historic White Stork synagogue in this southwestern Polish city, they were determined that the occasion would be more than just a wedding.

Come Together: After boycotting a $1 million grant for Holocaust commemorations, Hungary’s Jews have launched their own fundraising alliance.

Hungary Jews Unify Around Fight With Government Over Holocaust Whitewash

After rejecting almost $1 million in government grants towards Holocaust commemorations, Hungary’s Jews have launched their own fundraising alliance.

And on the Eighth Day, He Made This Menorah: Andras Daranyi demonstrates one of his start-up company?s holiday designs.

Hungary Designer Has a Little Dreidel (and a Menorah)

A Hungarian Jewish startup has an avant-garde approach to making menorahs and dreidels. Next up: modernist mezuzas and Seder plates.

A Dome Away From Home: Dedicated in 1882, Florence?s synagogue is a monument to 19th century Jewish emancipation and a grand example of Moorish style architecture, with a soaring arched façade and two slim side towers.

Putting Florence's Jewish History Into the Spotlight

The Jewish history of Florence remains largely unknown to most Italians and tourists alike. Leaders want to change that, starting with its magnificent Moorish synagogue.

When Lou Reed Partied at My Place

Lou Reed’s death reminded Ruth Ellen Gruber of her brush with the rocker. They partied together in 1969 at her parents’ Philadelphia brownstone — unbeknownst to mom and dad.

Pope Francis Urges Vigilance on Anti-Semitism as Anniversary of Rome Deportations Looms

Pope Francis urged vigilance against any resurgence of anti-Semitism ahead of the 70th anniversary of the deportation of Rome’s Jews to Auschwitz.