Sarah Seltzer

Sexy for Soldiers

Women in Israel are being urged to either show off skin or cover up to support soldiers. Are these women’s bodies being deployed alongside men’s?

Those Boys on Gaza Beach Remind Me of My Brother

Watching footage of four boys killed on the Gaza beach while playing soccer was a turning point for Sarah Seltzer. They reminded her of her brother and his soccer-playing friends.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Right on Hobby Lobby

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg warned that the Hobby Lobby decision would be a slippery slope to widespread discrimination on religious grounds. She was right.

Hobby Lobby Puts Women in Second Class Status

The Supreme Court ruling on the right to deny employees contraception stigmatized women’s reproductive health care —  and reduced women to second-class citizens.

Does Buffer Zone Ruling Protect Sidewalk Speech or Harassment?

The SCOTUS decision that struck down the “buffer zone” around Massachusetts abortion clinics shows that it’s only the powerful who get protection from protesters, writes Sarah Seltzer.

Goodbye, Dov Charney

With the ouster of Dov Charney from American Apparel, it may be that the era of sleaze-cool fashion has come to an end, Sarah Seltzer writes.

Q&A With the Co-Creator of Feminist Phone Intervention

The ‘feminist phone intervention’ provides women with a fake number to give out to aggressive men in bars. The number texts back with a quote from feminist thinker bell hooks.

A Kiss in the Anne Frank House

How to respond to a kissing scene in the Anne Frank House in ‘The Fault in Our Stars.’ It depends on your feelings about the memorial — and about Anne herself.

Jenny Slate Takes on Abortion in 'Obvious Child'

Jenny Slate’s new romantic comedy, ‘Obvious Child,’ deals with abortion in a new way, showing a woman’s ownership over her own mistakes.

Why Santa Barbara Rampage Is Terror Against Women

There are those who would hurt Sarah Seltzer because she is Jewish. But, she writes, the Santa Barbara killing shows that she’s far more likely to be targeted because of her gender.