William Kolbrener

Can Barack Obama Turn Israel Into a Blue State — With Benjamin Netanyahu's Help?

President Obama spoke directly to the people of Israel about peace. Can his message of ‘hope’ and ‘change’ work in Israel — and could Benjamin Netanyahu be a surprise ally?

Our Enemies: To one Israeli professor, the rockets from Gaza exposed Hamas for what it is: an enemy of all liberals.

Poetry Can Wait, the Siren Is Blaring

A liberal Israeli professor’s poetry class is interrupted by rockets. And he realizes that the fight against Hamas is his as much as anyone else’s.

Father's Lament for Son Who Should've Served

As Israel considers expanding its draft to include the ultra-Orthodox, most are resisting. But one father sees benefits in sending his son off to join the army.

The Courage to Embrace Imperfection

William Kolbrenner admits he might not have chosen to have a child with Down syndrome, which a new test can detect much earlier. But he loves his son none the less for it.

When Women Can't Even Say Thank You

In some Jerusalem neighborhoods, if you offer to help a woman with her groceries, she won’t even say thank you. She’s not rude, just afraid of running afoul of modesty rules.