Yossi Klein Halevi

An Israeli Paratrooper's Path to Extremism and Terror Told in 'Like Dreamers'

Udi Adiv was a kibbutznik and Israeli paratrooper who veered into extremism and eventually terror. Yossi Klein Halevi tells his story in this excerpt from his book, ‘Like Dreamers.’

Enraptured: Supporters carry Hanan Porat as they celebrate the government?s agreement in December 1975 to allow the first Jewish settlement in the northern West Bank, at the Sebastia railway station.

In 'Like Dreamers' a Paratrooper from the 1967 War Dives Into the Settler Movement

The new book, ‘Like Dreamers,’ is about seven of the paratroopers who reunited Jerusalem during the Six Day War. The surprising directions they took after form the fabric of Israel’s recent history. Read an excerpt.

David Hartman, Lonely Man of Truth, Pushed Jews of All Stripes to Adapt

David Hartman, a giant of our times, presented challenges to all Jews. He warned Orthodoxy to broaden. He also demanded that liberal Judaism deepen.

Thinking Big

The English word large has been absorbed into Hebrew, but in Hebrew, large is not a physical measure. It’s a measure of character, and describes an aspect of the Israeli character. “Tihiyeh large,” Israelis exhort each other: “Be generous, expansive, grand.”

40 Years Later: The Struggle for Soviet Jewry

The following was excerpted from an article in the spring issue of Azure Magazine. Jacob Birnbaum was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1926. His grandfather, Nathan Birnbaum, coined the term “Zionism” and served as secretary general of the first Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897. Dissatisfied with his western European acculturated identity,