Remembering More Than a Century of M.H. Abrams

    The resonant voice of critic M.H. Abrams has been stilled at the age of 102. Benjamin Ivry looks back at the legacy of the author of ‘The Mirror and the Lamp.’

    Benjamin Harshav, Literary Scholar and Translator, Dies at 86

    Benjamin Harshav, a translator, poet and scholar of Hebrew and Yiddish literature, died April 23 in New Haven, Connecticut. He was 86.

    Is This Man a Prophet or a Provocateur?

    Tuvia Tenenbom’s controversial ‘Catch the Jew’ has soared to the top of bestseller lists. But does it provide an accurate portrayal of today’s Israel? Raphael Magarik isn’t so sure.

    Man of Faith: Brooks acknowledges his position as a Jewish thought leader.

    The Road to David Brooks' Character

    David Brooks is the conservative Jewish thought leader even some liberals like to read. So, Jane Eisner asks, why does the New York Times columnist seem so at odds with contemporary Jewish life?

    Reform Movement Sheds Publishing Arm

    The Union for Reform Judaism is handing over its in-house publishing arm to Berhman House, a venerable New Jersey-based publisher if academic and Jewish books.