Israel Thanks France for Bust of 'Lone Wolf' Brussels Jewish Museum Gunman

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked French President Francois Hollande for his country’s capture of the alleged Brussels Jewish museum gunman.

    Romania Ex-Shul Hit by Firebombing

    A firebomb thrown into a former synagogue in central Romania caused minor damage, a local Jewish watchdog group said.

    Famed evolutionist Charles Darwin will finally get his due in Israeli middle schools.

    Israel Middle Schools Start Teaching Evolution

    Israeli middle schools will for the first time teach evolution as part of the core curriculum.

    Ohio Dedicates 'Shattered Star' Holocaust Memorial

    The state of Ohio dedicated a Holocaust memorial on the Statehouse grounds in the state capital Columbus.

    Did Charles Hynes Use $200K in Seized Funds for Failed Brooklyn Reelection Push?

    An investigation found Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes spent more than $200,000 in seized criminal funds for his failed reelection campaign.