Mixing Bowl: Purim Cooking Videos; Occupy Our Food Supply

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TGI Shabbat: Check out this lovely challah recipe. [ Food 52 ]

Kosher, vegan restaurant mini-chain, Blossom expands into the world of baking with their first bakery. [ Diner’s Journal ]

Incase you missed it, this Monday was Occupy Our Food Supply Day. Check out some essays on the day over at Grist .

Yiddish Cooking: Learn to make two types of hamantaschen with the Forverts cooking video (with English subtitles). [ Forverts ]

Or, if you’d like prefer learn to make babka, try this video. [ Koshercook.com ]

Italian Jews celebrate Purim with almond bon bons and ravioli. Try the scrumptious recipes. [ Dinner in Venice ]

Jack’s Wife Freda serves up “South African Israeli Jewish Grandmother Cuisine,” and other delights. [ Grub Street ]

Shawarma gets a healthy homemade makeover. [ The Daily Meal ]