Mixing Bowl: Passover Recipes and Jewish Restaurant News

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These Kosher for Passover breakfast options actually make Passover food sound delicious: smoked salmon hash, asparagus frittata with horseradish sour cream and matzo granola. [ Chow ]

Jewish Spanish restaurant La Vara is finally getting ready to open. We can’t wait to sample the menu. Get a sneak peak here. [ Grub Street ]

Consumer Reports tries to pick the best bagel and fails miserably. [ TheAtlantic ]

Unexpected Knaidlach: For writer Amy Spiro, it’s not about heavy or light matzo balls, but flavor. Check out her recipes for some unconventional matzo balls. [ The Jewish Week ]

First look at New York’s newest outpost of kosher vegan Blossom Café. [ Grub Street ]

And a look at Blossom’s vegan bakery. [ Serious Eats ]

In the Bay Area two lactose intolerant Jewish brothers are churning almond milk ice cream. [ Mercury News ]

A great look into the tasty offerings of Chiffon Kosher Cake Center — serving up old world treats. [ Serious Eats ]

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Mixing Bowl: Passover Recipes and Jewish Restaurant News

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