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Jews Argue Over Whisky

A recent addition to the American market, Monkey Shoulder is a blend of three single malts.

Getting to Know the Jewish Whisky Company

Photographs courtesy of the Jewish Whisky Company.

4 Cocktails for the 4 Sons

While the story of Passover may be the reason for having the seder, the real stars of the event are the food and drinks served throughout the evening. Carefully planned, perfected all day for all to enjoy while listening to the hours long story of Moses and the exodus.

Like most kids growing up, the reading of the “4 sons” was a significant part of the evening. But what if those sons were a bit older (lets say over the age of 21) and could order a drink alongside their question. What would these guys imbibe based upon their personalities?

Image: Pamela Wiznitzer

Manischewitz Mixology: Summertime Drinks

John Henderson?s ?Manischwitz Buck?

John Henderson?s ?Manischwitz Buck?

When it comes to wine and Judaism, only one word comes to mind: Manischewitz. At some point, we’ve all spent time mocking the sweet, concord grape nectar that gave most Jews their first hangover some time after their bar or bat mitzvahs. However, it seems that these days, the application of this wine in the world of cocktails and beverages may end those jokes.

Shaken Not Stirred: What To Sip on Purim

Image: Katherine Martinelli

One of my favorite things about Jewish holidays is their vivid food symbolism. On Purim, this typically translates into triangular foods, like hamantaschen and kreplach, which represent Haman’s hat, pockets or ears, depending on who you ask. And, while Purim the is one of the few Jewish holidays that encourages drinking, that symbolism has yet to make its way into beverages. So this year, I’m getting in the spirit by concocting some holiday-inspired cocktails to serve up to my friends.

Share the Bounty

Share the Bounty