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Home Delivery for the Holidays

Mile End’s Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich Kit. Photograph courtesy of FoodyDirect.

Deli Shabbats Are Popping Up in Red Hook

In a seemingly logical (and tasty) move: Brooklyn’s own Mile End Deli is teaming up with Pop-Up Shabbat, a Jewish-themed pop-up dinner series, to host bi-monthly events at new Mile End’s commissary kitchen on Pier 41 in Red Hook.

Jewish Soups To Warm You Up

Image: thinkstock

When you turn on the weather and hear phrases like “dangerous deep freeze” and “the coldest day on record” there’s really only one thing to do — drag your biggest, heaviest soup pot out of the cupboard, fill it with your favorite meats and veggies and start simmering something, warm, fragrant and delicious.

Mile End Deli's Vegetarian Borscht

Image: Mile End Cookbook

Reprinted with permission from “The Mile End Cookbook.”

Mixing Bowl: Best Hamantaschen; Brisket King

Image: Maia Efrem

From the destruction of Sandy, a Far Rockaway bagel shop rises. [Eatocracy]

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