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Food Truck Serves Up Shakshuka — and Middle East Peace?

The Shuka Team (the three 20-something Israeli pals in baseball caps) says that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon (center foreground) just experienced his first taste of shakshuka — and loved every bite.

“The Shuka Truck will bring the PEACE to the middle EAST,” according to a Facebook post from the Shuka Team, three Israeli friends who rolled out their food truck in New York City on December 1, 2014.

Three Israeli Pals Take Shakshuka to NYC

From left, Josh Sharon, Solomon Taraboulsi and Gabriel Israel with The Shuka Truck in midtown Manhattan. Photograph courtesy of The Shuka Truck

The Shuka Truck Opens!

The Shuka Team gears up for its first eggcellent day. Photograph courtesy of The Shuka Team

Shakshuka Is Israel's Summer Favorite — for Dinner

Shiran Carmel/Haaretz

Taste Testing: 'Cook in Israel: Home Cooking Inspiration' by Orly Ziv

“Would You Make This?” is a sporadic column where personal chef Alix Wall evaluates a cookbook by making some of its recipes, sharing them with friends and asking what they think of the results.

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