Israel Loses a Real Opposition

In Israel, some say a new phase of stability has begun with the coalition deal between the Likud and Kadima parties. To others, the new government has ushered in an era of unaccountability.


Romney Dated Jewish Girl in High School

Mitt Romney dated Mary Fisher, whose father was a prominent Jewish Republican, in high school. She became an AIDS activist who spoke at the 1992 GOP convention.


Forward Campaign Led to Letter's Release

The Forward’s battle to return Washington’s letter to public display started when reporter Paul Berger heard the document was hidden. He decided to dig further.

Washington's Iconic Letter To Be Displayed

After being hidden for a decade, George Washington’s famed letter espousing tolerance to Jews will finally be displayed. The Forward led a campaign to return it to public view.


Jewish Groups Back Obama on Gay Marriage

Jewish leaders and progressive groups lined up to praise President Barack Obama for his announcement that he personally supports same-sex marriage.

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