Fast-Growing Daycare Program Can't Pay Bills

A little-known New York City child care network that won a huge city contract for government-subsidized day care program is having trouble paying its bills.

Transgender Jews Seek Place at Table

Up to now, transgender Jews have largely been met with silence in the communal world. Slowly, that is beginning to change and a new conference proves it.


Uphill Push for Change in Orthodox Stronghold

After a decade of fighting a public school board dominated by Orthodox Jews in suburban New York, Oscar Cohen is starting to get angry.


Mr. Grayson Salsas Back to Washington

Alan Grayson, an outspoken Jewish Democrat from Florida, is returning to Congress in triumph. He scored a landslide bolstered by support of a growing bloc of Puerto Rican voters.


Jewish GOP Leaders Call for Move to Middle

After a bitter election defeat, Jewish Republicans have advice for their party on the best path forward. Hint: It goes through the political middle.

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