Ruth Brin, 88, Whose Prayers and Poetry Grace Siddurim

Ruth Brin, a Jewish scholar and author of 13 books, died September 30 of a heart attack. She was 88.

Activists Skeptical About Diplomacy With Iran

Reports on progress made in recent diplomatic talks with Iran have left some Jewish activists playing a kind of Greek chorus, expressing skepticism on the sidelines while not interrupting the ongoing drama.

Rioting Erupts in Jerusalem

Tensions between Israelis and Arabs simmered as Arab rioters clashed with Israeli police and Palestinian leaders accused Israel of trying to “Judaize” Jerusalem.

?Dance Floor Destroyers?: Israel trance band Infected Mushroom climbed 33 places to No. 8 on Billboard Magazine?s Heatseeker Albums list with its album ?Legend of the Black Shawarma.?

Haifa Musical Export Gains on Lady Gaga

Enthusiasm is catching for Infected Mushroom, the Israeli trance band.

Tried, Not True: A recent episode of ?Family Guy,? dubbed ?Family Goy,? on the Fox network included the revelation that matriarch Lois was Jewish and included stereo- typical plotlines.

‘Family Guy’ Jumps the Jew

There’s a time in every American animated comedy series, it seems, when everything turns Jewish. Whether that’s Krusty the Clown (aka Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski) finding his Jewish roots in “The Simpsons,” Kyle heading off to Mel Gibson to demand his money back in “South Park,” or the recent “Family Guy” (in the gently titled episode, “Family Goy”) in which matriarch Lois found out that her mother was a Holocaust survivor and Jewish.