Price of Beauty: Boycotts and ?Buycotts?

The Middle East conflict has inflamed college campuses, bedeviled political campaigns and sparked street demonstrations. But cosmetics stores are the latest, and perhaps least likely, sites so far to bear witness to the sprawling nature of this ever deepening dispute.


A Waning Interest in Rabin Memorial

Memories of Yitzhak Rabin and the national trauma of his assassination seemed to be fading as Israel approached the 15th anniversary of his death.


Federations Chart New Path With Social Service Projects To Engage Youth

When American Jewish community leaders travel to New Orleans for their yearly summit in early November, they should be sure to bring some clothes they don?t mind getting dirty.

Israel's U.N. Envoy, a Lieberman Appointee, Says Peace Is Possible Within a Year

Ask Meron Reuben, Israel?s new interim United Nations envoy, what position he represents in a government whose top foreign policy voices take diametrically opposed stands on the timeline for reaching peace with the Palestinians and, like a diplomat, he avoids answering directly.

A Search for Plan ‘B’ as Hopes Fade for Direct Mideast Talks

As Israelis and Palestinians continue to reject compromise on the extension of a Jewish settlements freeze on the West Bank, all eyes are turning to Washington to see what happens next.

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