Sex-Therapist Advocates Masturbation For Orthodox Women Despite Taboo

Reflecting a growing openness in Orthodox circles to sexual coaching, a sex-therapist has obtained the endorsement of prominent rabbis for his guidebook advocating female masturbation.

Is Imprisoned Fatah Leader Marwan Barghouti the Mandela of the Palestinians?

In October, supporters of Marwan Barghouti staged a large protest calling for his release. The venue was Robben’s Island — where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years in prison.


South African Jews Slam Benjamin Netanyahu's Snub of Mandela Memorial

South African Jews sought to distance themselves from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial decision to snub Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.


Hillel Threatens Its Swarthmore Chapter With Expulsion Over Israel Dispute

Hillel is adamantly against its Swarthmore chapter’s decision to welcome even anti-Zionists to campus. It’s not clear where Swarthmore’s embrace of the ‘Open Hillel’ movement will end.


Synagogues Turning to Consultants To Better Understand Communities

Which programs are most expensive and most popular? Who is more satisfied, senior citizens or nursery school parents? Increasingly, synagogues are finding answers in data.

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