Broadened Coalition To Protest Iran This Year at United Nations

As world leaders converge on New York for the annual opening of the United Nations’ new session, advocates and Jewish groups are seeking to broaden the coalition that has in years past protested the Tehran regime to include many additional groups that share grievances against Iran.

Conservative Synagogue Chief Issues Apology

The new head of Conservative Judaism’s congregational arm has asked his fellow rabbis to forgive him in a Sept. 17 letter apologizing for a recent interview with the Forward in which he said Conservative rabbis lack “missionary zeal,” and work instead “to get paid.”

Palestinian-Led Movement To Boycott Israel Is Gaining Support

Uzbekistan-born diamond mogul Lev Leviev announced late in August that his company, Africa-Israel, was drowning in debt of more than $5.5 billion that it could not repay. Over the next two days, shares in the company’s stock plummeted by more than one-third. It was relentless bad news for one of the world’s richest men. His holding and investment company had lost $1.4 billion since 2008, mostly due to failed real estate investments in the United States.

Protest Letter: Those who signed the protest letter included, from left, Julie Christie, Wallace Shawn and Viggo Mortensen.
The other Side: Those who opposed the protest said, ?We don?t need another blacklist.? They included, from left, Natalie Portman, Lisa Kudrow and Lenny Kravitz.

High Drama Unfolds at Toronto Film Fest

A celebrity face-off over Israel at the Toronto International Film Festival in September marked the latest skirmish in a long-percolating Palestinian effort to promote an artistic and cultural boycott of Israel.

Wunderkind: Daniel Sokatch is leaving Federation after a year.

From Outsider to Establishment, Then Back to His Roots

When Daniel Sokatch was tapped last year to lead San Francisco’s Jewish Community Federation, he was heralded as a breath of fresh air in a federation world struggling to re-establish its relevance. Having made his name as the founder of the liberal Los Angeles-based Progressive Jewish Alliance, Sokatch was widely seen as a bold — if somewhat risky — pick to head a consensus-driven, establishment federation.