Wandering Jews, This Time With a Purpose

Passover in the desert. Shavuot on the mountaintop. Sukkot on the farm. The three primary festivals of the Jewish calendar weave their rituals and stories around very particular settings. How would our understanding of Judaism change if we made these spaces, as well as these times, holy? This is the question that Wilderness Torah, a new California-based Jewish organization devoted to both spiritual and ecological rebirth, seeks to answer.

Report Finds Shortsighted Politicians Are a Major Cause of Israel’s Water Crisis

For years, environmental activists have told Israelis to blame the country’s water shortage on politicians, not just on low rainfall. Now, a committee of experts commissioned by politicians themselves has reached the same conclusion.

Declining To Be Counted: Many Factors Affect Ultra-Orthodox Failure To Fill Out Census

How many ultra-Orthodox Jews does it take to fill out the U.S Census? Given the low response rates from Brooklyn’s Hasidic enclaves, the answer remains unclear.

Poles Commemorate Warsaw Uprising in Marek Edelman’s Style, With Silence

Hundreds of young people, mostly non-Jews, milled around Warsaw’s Jewish cemetery on a sunny spring day, slightly unsure about what they were supposed to do next. Their schools had sent them there April 19 in response to an appeal by a number of Jewish and civic organizations. They had come to honor the late Marek Edelman, the last surviving commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, on the anniversary of the beginning of the 1943 revolt — and to carry forward a tradition of his.

A Face Worth Watching

As most television-watching Americans know, Joan Rivers’s face is a canvas that has been worked and reworked by makeup artists and plastic surgeons alike. But her new film, which is currently screening at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival, delves beneath appearances and into the vulnerability of a 76-year-old Jewish funny girl who still gets her feelings hurt.

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