Meet the Igbo, Nigeria’s Lost Jewish Tribe

The Igbo have long viewed themselves as descendants of ancient Israelites. Now some members of Nigeria’s 32 million-strong ethnic group are getting serious about practicing Judaism, Sam Kestenbaum reports.


How Aaron Frank Became the Unlikely Orthodox Head of Secular Day School

In 1996, Asher Abramovitz, the longtime principal of Kinneret Day School, a non-denominational community school in Riverdale, New York, received an unusual proposition: Aaron Frank, the 27 year-old assistant rabbi of a local Orthodox synagogue, offered to meet weekly with the school’s mostly non-observant eighth graders to chat about Jewish ethics and philosophy, a sort of Judaism 101.


Steve Israel Takes Parting Shot at Influence of Big Money (But Don't Mention Israel Lobby)

Since announcing his plans to retire from Congress, New York Democrat Steve Israel, one of his party’s chief fundraisers, has been megaphoning his hatred of the role that big money and major donors play in American democracy. But in an exit interview with the Forward, the Long Island lawmaker says money in support of Israel (the country) was one form of campaign funding to which he never objected.


Rabbi Eugene Borowitz, 'Larger-Than-Life' Reform Leader and Teacher, Dies at 91

Eugene Borowitz, a leading Reform Jewish philosopher and leader of Reform Judaism, has died at 91.

Will Israel Switch to Working Monday-Thru-Friday — and Get a Real Weekend?

Most Israelis work on Sunday and a half-day on Friday. The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is switching to the American work week and more workers are following suit — but at what cost?

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