Polish and Israeli Presidents Tour New Jewish Museum on Opening Day

The presidents of Israel and Poland together took a guided tour of a new museum of Jewish life on Tuesday that tells the story of how Poland was for centuries home to a flourishing Jewish community before becoming a graveyard for Jews in World War Two.

Poland Praises Jewish Donors for 'Trust' as Museum Opens

Poland’s culture minister said the multi-million-dollar generosity of Jewish donors to the new Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews represented a sign of trust, or even forgiveness.

Jews Spent Centuries in Antakya, Turkey. Now, There's Only 17 Left.

In a Turkish city once known for tolerance, a Jewish community grapples with the influx of Syrian refugees and its own decline. Is it nearing the end of a 2,300-year existence?

Spain Opposition Pushes for 'Palestine' State Vote

Spain’s Socialist party announced a new motion to recognize Palestinian statehood.

Religious Activists Challenge the Way Israel Does Kosher

Fed up with the rabbinate’s monopoly over kosher status for restaurants, a group of Jerusalem religious activists has started its own certification project.

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