Koch Takes a Victory Lap on N.Y. Congressional Race

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch voiced deep satisfaction over the GOP win in Anthony Weiner’s old district, and called the vote a wake-up call for President Obama.


Echoes of Jewish Back-to-Land Movement Under Utah's Big Sky

A century ago, Jews set up a farming colony in central Utah in hopes of escaping from tenement life. Little remains except for a few headstones, and the memories of descendants.


Swedish Jews Get Help To Fight Anti-Semitism

Jews in Malmo, Sweden, lately a hotbed of anti-Semitic attacks, are responding positively to the Swedish government’s decision to devote $622,000 to security for Sweden’s Jewish community.


U.N. and Israel Sharply Differ on Flotilla Violence

U.N. and Israeli inquiries agreed that Israel had a right to board the Gaza flotilla boat last year. What happened next is still furiously disputed, and roils the Middle East to this day.


Major Jewish Groups Won't Rally Against Statehood Bid at U.N.

Despite the furor over the Palestinians’ plan to push for statehood, major Jewish groups have decided not to stage rallies at the United Nations in coming days.

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