Yeshiva Alumni Angry Over Award for Jimmy Carter — Not Hershel Schachter

Some Yeshiva alumni are angry at an award for ex-President Jimmy Carter. There’s barely a peep over an honor for a top rabbi accused of racism and disregarding child sex abuse.


Top Modern Orthodox Rabbi Michael Broyde Admits Fake Name Scheme

Rabbi Michael Broyde has apologized for using a fake persona to undermine a rival Modern Orthodox rabbinic organization for years — after concocting an elaborate denial.


American Jewish Committee Cuts Israel Staff Amid Tensions

The American Jewish Committee, which proclaims advocacy for Israel as the core of its mission, has quietly sacked some of its Jerusalem staff, without offering any explanation.

Real Battle Over Western Wall Is Just Beginning in Israel

Backers of religious pluralism have won a key battle at the Kotel. But the fight in Israel is only beginning and the outcome is far from settled.

Was Holocaust Fraud at Claims Conference Even Worse Than Believed?

The multimillion dollar fraud at the Holocaust Claims Conference may have been even worse than first thought. So why don’t prosecutors want a jury to hear about it?

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