Ultra-Orthodox Jews gather in Bnei Brak to protest Haredi draft laws in Israel in March 2014.

Ultra-Orthodox Celebrate Rollback of Israel Draft Law

Ultra-Orthodox leaders have convinced Benjamin Netanyahu to roll back laws that would have required all Israelis to serve in the military. Yeshiva students are celebrating their victory — as secular opponents fume over perceived injustice.

Ethiopian Protests Sign of Stubborn Racism in Israeli Society

Images of Israeli police firing stun grenades are usually set in the West Bank and involve Palestinian protesters. But on Sunday the situation was quite different - riot police battling thousands of Ethiopian Jews in the center of Tel Aviv.

Hundreds Protest Police Brutality Against Blacks — in Israel

Hundreds of Ethiopian-Israelis are protesting in front of Israel’s national police headquarters after a video showed officers punching and tackling a black male soldier for no apparent reason.

Where Do Israeli Babies Come From? Nepal. But After Quake, for How Long?

Nepal’s devastating earthquake has sent shock waves through a most unlikely group: gay Israelis who are having babies with surrogate South Asian mothers.

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Devastating Nepal Earthquake Hits Israeli Backpackers and Would-Be Surrogate Parents

Israeli backpackers traded stories of narrow escapes from the massive earthquake that rocked Nepal and dozens of would-be surrogate parents held out hope they could complete adoptions of newborn babies in the Himalayan nation.

President Obama Pokes Fun at Benjamin Netanyahu at White House Correspondents' Dinner

At the gathering he jokingly called “a night when Washington celebrates itself,” President Barack Obama took light-hearted aim on Saturday at a range of political friends and foes, including the people running to succeed him.

Ted Cruz Vows Closer Israel Ties at 'Sheldon Adelson Primary' in Las Vegas

Vying for the attention of major donors, Republicans attending a Jewish forum for presidential contenders said they would make better relations with Israel a priority.

Princeton Students Narrowly Reject Divestment Referendum

Princeton University undergraduates have narrowly defeated a referendum on divestment from Israel. The 52%-to-48% vote was the first time all students at an American campus were allowed to vote on the issue.

Does Israel's Anti-Boycott Law Muzzle Free Speech?

A law that outlaws calls to boycott Israel — or its illegal settlements — has received a green light in court. Is the ruling a blow against free speech — or a ‘no-brainer’ protection of businesses?

Cornel West

Cornel West to speak at UCLA Despite Protests

Academic and author Cornel West, an outspoken critic of Israel, will remain as a speaker at a UCLA conference despite protests from the campus Jewish community