Fracturing the Jewish Mom Stereotype

Is there a Jewish stereotype more inextinguishable than that of the overbearing, food-pushing mamele? It’s 2013 and, Hollywood is still churning out characters like Amy Kanter-Bloom; the fretful mother of Larry Bloom on Orange Is the New Black.

What the Jewish mother needs, however is not a modern makeover, but a fracturing. Better than supplanting one stereotype with another is to picture a messy mosaic.

LABA, the Jewish cultural program at the 14th Street Y in Manhattan, will be showcasing one such mosaic of Jewish motherhood in a storytelling event co-hosted with this coming Monday (featuring a chair of fake breasts by artist Mirta Kupferminc, pictured here!). The Forward got a sneak peek of a few of the stories.

There’s Carla Naumberg, the Jewish mom without a Jewish mom:

There’s Judith Rosenbaum, the Jewish mom that almost wasn’t:

There’s Joy Ladin, the Jewish mom who was a Jewish dad:

And there’s Forward contributor Elissa Strauss, the Jewish mom who is trying not to worry:

Check out the event on Monday for more!

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Fracturing the Jewish Mom Stereotype

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