New York

Wrongly Labeled: Relief Resources, which was wrongly labeled a do-nothing charity by the Moreland Commission, is one of several not-for-profit groups located in this building in Boro Park.

New York State Says Relief Resources Doesn't Help Anyone. It Does.

New York State says Relief Resources, an Orthodox mental health agency, is a do-nothing, corrupt charity. A joint Forward/WNYC investigation refutes the charges.

Why Women Can — And Must — Lay Tefillin

Two Modern Orthodox high schools in New York allow female students to lay tefillin. Will Friedman says women today aren’t just allowed to do this — they are obligated.

New Man: Eric Goldstein, right, receives award from American Friends of Hebrew University. Sources say the lawyer has been picked to lead the New York UJA-Federation.

Eric Goldstein Named New York Federation Head, Sources Say

Eric Goldstein, a financial litigation lawyer, has been chosen to head the UJA-Federation of New York, the nation’s largest Jewish federation.

Jeff Jacoby Breaks Silence on Teenage Son Caleb Jacoby's Disappearance

Jeff Jacoby, the Jewish Boston Globe columnist whose 16-year-old son Caleb went missing for four days in early January, has finally broken his silence.

New York City Drops RIghts Suit Over Hasidic Dress Code Stores

New York City has dropped a lawsuit against Hasidic-owned stores that posted a dress code for shoppers.

My Fight To Lay Tefillin At an Orthodox School

When Eliana Fishman fought for her right to lay tefillin at an Orthodox high school, she was branded a lesbian, radical, and crazed feminist. She says she was only connecting to God.

Speed Limit Lowered on Brooklyn Street Where Samuel Cohen-Eckstein Killed

New York traffic authorities have reportedly lowered the speed limit along a busy Brooklyn street that runs alongside Prospect Park where bar mitzvah boy Samuel Cohen-Eckstein was struck and killed by a van.

Modern Orthodox High School in New York Allows Girls to Wear Tefillin

SAR High School, a Modern Orthodox institution in Riverdale, New York, has allowed girls to wrap tefillin — a ritual that is gaining acceptance for women.

UN Chief Attends Shoah Event at New York Synagogue

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited a New York City synagogue to honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust in advance of International Holocaust memorial day.

Halfway to Hollywood: ?Girls? doesn?t flatter its protagonists ? pictured here are Ray (Alex Karpovsky), Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Adam (Adam Driver) ? but one can?t help but like them.

How Lena Dunham's 'Girls' Rescued My American Dream

For one young Austrian woman moving to New York, watching ‘Girls’ helped her accept that life in New York didn’t quite resemble the romantic comedies she grew up with.