Israeli Newspaper Bashes Clinton Wedding

Still kvelling about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, complete with keutba and tallit? Well the Israeli newspaper Yated Neeman wants you to stop.

The ever-earnest Yated Ne’eman never runs items on celebrities – it is one of the two rabbinically-endorsed newspapers of Israel’s Haredi community. But when it came to Chelsea, it made an exception.

“We were not supposed to address the private family event,” the paper’s editorial said yesterday apologetically. But “one tiny detail” compelled it to do so. “The groom is Jewish. [Bill] Clinton wasn’t bothered by this ‘minuscule’ detail. As far as he’s concerned, there is no difference between a Jew and a Christian. The problem is that his new in-laws were not bothered by this either. On the contrary, they appeared quite happy with their dear son becoming the former US president’s son-in-law.”

The “bigger problem” highlighted by the wedding is that “most US Jews aren’t bothered either,” the paper’s editor wrote.