'Oseh Shalom' Passes 1 Million YouTube Hits

A stirring video rendition of “Oseh Shalom,” produced by prolific English producer Trevor Horn for the U.K.’s Office of the Chief Rabbi, surpassed the 1 million views mark on YouTube earlier this week.

The video, recorded in May 2008 in honor of Israel’s 60th anniversary, was shot at a North London studio (more) famous for hosting the 1984 “Band Aid” sessions. “Oseh Shalom” features celebrities of a different sort, including three British chazzans, the Shabbaton Choir and Britain’s chief rabbi himself, Lord Jonathan Sacks.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the video, which calls to mind a more recent Jewish sing-a-long, has been viewed in such far-flung places as Asia and Africa, and was accessed nearly 400,000 times in the U.S. alone.