George Soros Bets Big on Female Condoms

Jewish billionaire and philanthropist George Soros tends to cast his lot with controversial political causes, like the ongoing AIPAC-JStreet battle royale or, more recently, California’s unsuccessful Proposition 19.

But the Hungarian-born hedge-fund manager is still a businessman. Soros Fund Management revealed some new investments last week, including a rather curious 5.1 percent — 1.3 million share — stake in UK-based The Female Health Co., which manufactures the FC2 Female Condom. If you’re so inclined, do check out the highly-British, and somewhat graphic, informational cartoon.

We can only speculate what Soros sees in the FC2, which promises “pleasure points for her and him to tease, please, and protect.” But c’mon, do you really expect an 80-year-old to stand in line at his local pharmacy with a pack of Trojans?