First Female Arab Plastic Surgeon in Israel

For the first time, Israel has a female Arab plastic surgeon. Rania El Hativ, 28, is now operating at Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa.

She hopes that her decision to enter the field will help to make Arab women less reticent about going for plastic surgery. “While there is growing openness to plastic surgery among the Arab population, the field is still relatively unknown,” she said in a press statement. “In addition, Arab women may be hesitant to reveal bodily defects to male doctors, and may neglect serious problems. Just by being there, I hope to make it easier for Arab women to undergo examinations for plastic surgery procedures.”

Interestingly, El Hativ’s appointment comes at a time when there is growing demand in the Haredi community for plastic surgery. This was a talking point at the recent International Plastics and Aesthetics Surgery Conference held in Jerusalem. See this recent Ynet article about the trend.