Leonardo DiCaprio Should Take Traveling Advice From Denzel Washington

Tip to Hollywood stars trying to keep a low profile in Israel: wear a hat, and don’t be there to visit your Israeli girlfriend.

Obeying those rules has worked out just fine for Denzel Washington, who spent several low-key days in Jerusalem this week before being detected today by reporters over at Ynetnews.com. The website of Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot reported that Washington has been in the country with his wife, and that the two-time Oscar winner has spent his trip visiting Jerusalem’s Old City, sampling its hummus and shopping for souvenirs.

The “Unstoppable” star has done his best to blend in, the Web site said, reporting that he has worn a hat each time he’s left his hotel. While Washington’s itinerary isn’t known, the actor may visit Haifa, where Ynet reports he has a friend.

Washington’s uneventful trip stands in contrast to a recent one by Leonardo DiCaprio, who caused a minor media frenzy during a visit with his Israeli girlfriend, model Bar Refaeli.