We Pay _____(adjective) Homage to Leonard Stern

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Leonard Stern, creator of the ___|\___|\___|_ (adjective) popular fill-in-the-blank word game, “Mad Libs,” \___|\___|\___| (verb) this week at the age of 88. An Emmy award winning comedy \___|\___|_ (noun) whose work appeared in “The Honeymooners” and “The ___|\___|__ (name) Silvers Show,” Stern happened upon the unusual ___|\___|\___|_ (noun) after asking fellow “Honeymooners” writer, Roger Price, for an \___|\___|\___|__ (noun). The two writers developed the idea, coming up with ___|\___|\___| (adjective) stories in which blanks filled in by game players provided absurd, raucous and often \___|\___|\___|_ (adjective) humor. May his ___|\___|\___| (noun) be a \___|\___|__(noun).

Eli Valley, the Forward’s ___|\___|\___|_ (adjective) artist in residence for 2011-2012 wrote this satirical piece about contemporary Jewish hipsters for the ___|\___|\___|_ (adjective) website Jewcy in 2008.