This Week in Forward Arts and Culture

  • Binyomin Ginzberg profiles Chilik Frank, a master Breslov clarinet player.

  • Mark Oppenheimer reviews Lee Siegel’s “Are You Serious?: How To Be True and Get Real in the Age of Silly.”

  • On the 72nd anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, we feature Israeli author Ada Pagis’s story about a speculative image.

  • Josh Lambert reviews Harvey Pekar and Paul Buhle’s “Yiddishkeit: Jewish Vernacular & the New Land,” a “postvernacular tour de force.”

  • Philologos explains why Amy Winhouse really was a “nice Jewish girl.”

  • Rex Wiener describes how rabbis are taking sermon tips from Hollywood screenwriters.

  • Benjamin Ivry appreciates the work of French novelist Patrick Modiano whose imagination still dwells on his father’s murky activities surviving in Occupied Paris.