Shabbat Dinner: NBC’s Next Sitcom Premise?

NBC producer Greg Daniels

Image: Getty Images

NBC producer Greg Daniels

As Jews, we know that comedy and drama often unfolds over the Shabbat table. And it seems the TV networks are catching on.

“The Office” executive producer Greg Daniels is said to be developing a series for NBC called “Friday Night Dinner,” based on the British series of the same name. The British series revolves around the often-awkward Friday night dinners held at the North London home of the Goodmans, a traditional — if idiosyncratic — Jewish family.

On the British version, mother Jackie, is bold and saucy, father Martin is socially awkward, and 20-something sons Adam and Jonny are always playing pranks on each other (while their parents obsessively try to find a girlfriend for Adam).

A second season of the series has been commissioned for the U.K.’s Channel 4. Here’s hoping it makes it over to this side of the pond. We’re thinking an Upper West Side version of the Goodmans could work.