Tent Protests Immortalized in Taiwanese Cartoon

Israel’s “tent protests” have joined the ranks of America’s recent sex scandals by earning the attention of Taiwanese animators.

Cartoonists for the country’s NMA media company have depicted the protests in a new video, which provides background about the demonstrations in the local language, as well as in English subtitles. The clip features a look-alike of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as references to Daphne Leef, one of the key organizers behind the movement, which is fighting for more affordable housing, among other issues.

Appearing as a Taiwanese cartoon has become something of a rite of passage — often a dubious one — in recent years. Sex scandals involving Tiger Woods and former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner have gotten the cartoon treatment, as have topics such as the life and career of Steve Jobs.

A representative of the company tells Israeli news site YNet that a team of 300 animators produces 32 minutes of video each day. Previous videos related include one about an Israeli polygamist named Goel Razon.