The Official Toothpaste of Jewish Comedians?

Just look at those pearly whites!

Image: Getty Images

Just look at those pearly whites!

A pair of Jewish comedians are going the extra smile for the father of a friend.

Sarah Silverman and Adam Sandler are both endorsing Supersmile, a tooth-whitening product invented by dentist Irwin Smigel, whose website proclaims him “the father of aesthetic dentistry.” The pair provided testimonials in keeping with their comic styles, with Sandler claiming his teeth “were starting to look like cheese doodles” before he began using the product, and Silverman declaring, “Holy crap, my teeth are definitely whiter!”

The well-connected Dr. Smigel has an impressive roster of famous endorsers: others include Jimmy Fallon, Ivana Trump and Kelly Ripa.

While the Shmooze can only assume Supersmile is indeed miraculous, the New York Daily News notes that the line-up isn’t a coincidence — at least a few of the celebrities are pals with the dentist’s son, Robert Smigel, who like both Sandler and (for one season) Silverman has worked on “Saturday Night Live.”

The younger Smigel’s most famous creation, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, also endorses the tooth-whitening powers of Supersmile. That’s a particular meaningful plug, given that the canine puppet often performs while chomping a cigar.