Hanukkah Rap Battle

Too Short (left) and Jim Jones

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Too Short (left) and Jim Jones

The Shmooze is pretty certain that these off-the-cuff Hanukkah raps by Too Short and Jim Jones are not going to become part of the Hanukkah song canon. Somehow, it seems unlikely that these ditties commissioned by TMZ for an “It’s Dreidel Time, Bitch!” rap battle will have as much longevity has “I Have a Little Dreidel” and “S’vivon Sov Sov Sov.”

But you’ve got to give these guys points for trying.

After all, Too Short did come up with memorable lines like:

I get this song and I rap it every day this week,
Like Kobe and LeBron at the JCC…
You know how we do it,
It’s too short on the mike,
Talking that “—ish.”
Judah Macabbeeyach!

It’s a bit harder to make out the words to Jim Jones’s rap, but he gets brownie points for managing to rhyme “Hanukkah” with “thermometer.”

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Hanukkah Rap Battle

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