Drake and Chris Brown To Box For Cash?

The [fallout][1] from the club feud between Drake and Chris Brown continues to spread. A fourth victim of the melee stepped forward to blame Drake for getting violent, and the SoHo club where the fight went down is suing New York City for damages after city officials shut down the club.

But every celebrity battle has a silver lining ? the potential to make money off lon-running hatred, and not just in court. According to the New York Daily News, Damon Feldman, a boxing promoter that Philadelphia Magazine crowned ?King of the D-list? is trying to entice Drake and Chris Brown to duke it out in the boxing ring.

[1]: http://blogs.forward.com/the-shmooze/157908/drake-and-chris-brown-brawl over-rihanna/

Feldman?s funding comes from the soda baron Alki David, who has supposedly offered to dish out big money ? including a $1 million donation to charity ? to the two get their gloves up, Rihanna, the alleged source of contention between Brown and Drake, ?could be the ring girl,? Feldman offered.

Of course, neither Drake nor Chris Brown has responded to the proposal, and odds are against it actually happening. All the participants in the incident are currently under investigation. And besides, those two prefer microphones as weapons ? or if it comes down to it, bottles of Moet.