Celebrate 10 Years of 'Friends' With the Holiday Armadillo

Today, dear friends (get it?), is the 10th anniversary of the “Friends” finale.

So to celebrate the good times spent with Ross, Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey, we revisit one of the iconic Jewish moments of the show: The Holiday Armadillo.

Ah interfaith problems.

Short summary: When Ross’ son Ben stays with him for the holidays, he tries to teach him about their shared Jewish heritage, which he feels has been neglected by Ben’s mother (who isn’t Jewish). Because a year without Santa sounds like a major punishment to any kid, Ross tries to come up with a suitable mascot for Hanukkah. And being Ross, the best he can do is a friendly mammal covered in a leathery armor shell.

So, sit and visit awhile, and let the Holiday Armadillo “tell you about the festival of lights.”