The Middle East Crisis, According to Woody Allen

The situation in Gaza is ?a terrible, tragic thing. Innocent lives are lost left and right, and it?s a horrible situation that eventually has to right itself,? Woody Allen declared in an interview about his new movie, Magic in the Moonlight.

Asked about the Israel-Palestine conflict, Allen explained, ?I feel that the Arabs were not very nice in the beginning? The Jews had just come out of a terrible war where they were exterminated by millions and persecuted all over Europe, and they were given this tiny, tiny piece of land in the desert.

?If the Arabs had just said, ?Look, we know what you guys have been through, take this little piece of land and we?ll all be friends and help you,? and the Jews came in peace, but they didn?t. They were not nice about it.?

Allen concluded that ?there?ve been public relations mistakes, actual mistakes, and it?s been a terrible, terrible cycle of mismanagement and bad faith.?